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As professional China Shapes Stripe Print Fabric Manufacutrers and wholesale Shapes Stripe Print Fabric factory, Shannon has taken the lead in establishing this online fabric window, using nearly 30 years of production experience to provide consumers with a platform for organized selection, product presentation and fast delivery. As more and more series of fabrics are presented here, Shannon will enable consumers to get access to whatever they want, like basic, high quality or low carbon fabrics. This platform will help each customer to grow up and we also keep growing by making improvements in response to customers’ feedbacks.


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Industry knowledge about this item

Stripe print fabric is a type of printed fabric that features stripes of various widths, colors, and orientations arranged in a repeating pattern. Stripes can be used to create a variety of visual effects, such as emphasizing movement, creating the illusion of depth, or adding visual interest to a garment or other textile item.
Stripe print fabrics are commonly made from various types of fibers, such as cotton, linen, silk, polyester, or viscose, and can be woven or knitted, but in this specific case, as you mentioned it is viscose poplin stripe print fabric, it is considered a type of print viscose poplin fabric.
The stripes can be of different widths, can be placed in different orientations, such as horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and can be made in different colors. The stripe print can also be achieved by different methods such as screen printing, digital printing, roller printing, or rotary printing.
This type of fabric is suitable for making various garments and fashion items such as dresses, blouses, shirts, and skirts, and it's also used for home decor items. Stripes can create a timeless look, as well as add visual interest, stripes can also be used to create a classic and sophisticated look, or a more modern and bold look, depending on the design and color combination.