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As professional China Printed Silk Fabric Manufacutrers and wholesale Printed Silk Fabric factory, Shannon has taken the lead in establishing this online fabric window, using nearly 30 years of production experience to provide consumers with a platform for organized selection, product presentation and fast delivery. As more and more series of fabrics are presented here, Shannon will enable consumers to get access to whatever they want, like basic, high quality or low carbon fabrics. This platform will help each customer to grow up and we also keep growing by making improvements in response to customers’ feedbacks.


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Industry knowledge about this item

Printed silk fabric is a type of silk fabric that has been printed with designs, patterns, or motifs. The process of printing silk fabric involves using a stencil or a screen to apply ink or dye to the surface of the fabric. The ink or dye penetrates the fibers of the silk, creating a permanent image that will not wash or wear away.
Printed silk fabric is popular among designers and fashion enthusiasts because of its luxurious feel and draping ability, and the variety of designs that can be achieved on silk, this can be done by different printing techniques:
Screen printing: This method involves using a stencil or a mesh screen to apply ink or dye to the fabric. It is commonly used for large-scale prints and can produce vibrant and highly detailed images.
Digital printing: This method uses specialized inks and digital printing equipment to print designs onto the fabric. It is a highly precise method and can produce high-resolution images.
Block printing: This method uses a wooden block carved with a design to apply ink or dye to the fabric. It is a traditional technique and can produce highly detailed and intricate patterns.
Printed silk fabric is used for a wide range of garments, such as dresses, blouses, scarves, and ties. Also, it can be used for home decors, such as curtains, tablecloths, and decorative pillows.