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The 2024 Shannon Annual Conference concluded successfully - building a successful future together

By admin / Date Jan 31,2024
On January 27, 2024, our company successfully held a wonderful annual meeting at Jiaxing Jinghui Hotel. This annual meeting aims to summarize the company's achievements and experience in the past year, look forward to the future development blueprint, encourage all employees to work together, and lay a solid foundation for the company's further development.

The entire annual meeting was conducted in accordance with a carefully designed process and was full of enthusiasm and joy. First, the sales representatives gave wonderful speeches, sharing their sales breakthroughs and successful experiences in the past year, which inspired the morale and motivation of all employees. Then, the production management representative made a speech, summarizing in detail the work highlights and optimization plans in production management, which contributed indispensably to the company's efficient operation.

Subsequently, representatives from the management department took the stage to speak. They shared their efforts and experience summaries on company management in the past year, providing important guidance and reference for all employees. Immediately afterwards, the general manager of the company delivered an important speech, expressing sincere thanks to all employees, and expressing good expectations and ardent hopes for the future. He also announced the company's development strategy and new project plans, and encouraged employees to move forward bravely.

At the annual meeting, we also recognized a group of outstanding employees and awarded them awards for their outstanding performance and hard work to recognize their outstanding contributions and spirit. In addition, we present an Outstanding Team Award to recognize the importance of teamwork and teamwork.

The dinner part of the annual meeting is even more exciting. While enjoying the delicious food, the employees also participated in the lucky draw. The lucky ones smiled happily and received generous prizes, adding a joyful atmosphere to the entire dinner. Finally, all employees took a group photo to record this unforgettable moment and draw a perfect conclusion to the 2024 annual meeting.

This annual meeting not only enhanced the cohesion and team awareness within the company, but also set clear goals and directions for the company's future development. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, our company will usher in a more brilliant future!