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Detailed fabric knowledge

By admin / Date Aug 16,2021
1. Woven fabrics. When the industry was still underdeveloped, basically all clothing was made of cotton fabrics. At that time, there were not many women's clothing styles, basically spinning flowers, weaving fabrics, and making women's clothing. With people's demand for different styles and clothing styles, clothing fabrics with different characteristics were born, but cotton fabrics have always been the first choice for women's clothing. Cotton fabric has good sweat absorption and breathability, comfortable touch, comfortable to wear, natural color and easy to dye. All cotton fabrics for women's clothing are suitable, because of their comfort, they are basically cotton fabrics. However, cotton fabrics are easy to wrinkle and fade easily, which are also the reasons why they cannot become high-end women's clothing fabrics.
2. Silk fabric. Silk fabrics are shiny, lightly kneaded and elegant, smooth and soft to the touch, and are one of the common fabrics for most high-end women's wear. Silk mainly includes silk, rayon and synthetic fiber. Silk is what we often call "real silk". Although precious and luxurious, it is not easy to maintain. The silk materials on the market are basically rayon or synthetic fiber. Like chiffon skirts and chiffon shirts that are more popular in the market in recent years, the so-called "chiffon" scientific name georgette is a kind of synthetic fiber. The silk fabric has poor wrinkle resistance, does not absorb sweat, and is easy to absorb, so it is not suitable for underwear. Silk fabrics are thin but not strong, and are not suitable for outerwear or winter clothing.